Give the Lightning Receive The Thunder

I’m excited to share with you an interview that my friend Lawrence Tam had with Bob Burg Author of The Go-Giver
I know you will enjoy it
There are so many gold nuggets to help anyone who wants to live a life of happiness and to those who want to have
a prosperous business…



go giver summary 212x300 Give the Lightning Receive The Thunder

 Give the Lightning Receive The Thunder

Hunting for Success with an EntrepreneurSHIP


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 Hunting for Success with an EntrepreneurSHIP





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 Hunting for Success with an EntrepreneurSHIP

The Jockey riding the subconscious Race Horse

Be the best Jockey on that Race Horse

Growing up in a small town on the Olympic peninsula of Washington state, some of the most memorable times were with my best friend Lora Lee . I was over at her home far more than I was at my own house.

They raised horses for racing. I didn’t get what that meant as a 10 year old. To me it was an opportunity for Loralee and I to drive the tractor picking up all the rocks or anything else in the pastures that may cause one of the valuable horses to trip or get injured.


Great care was taken to ensure that the race horses would be in as perfect health as possible. They fed them, exercised them, gave them plenty clean water to drink, bathed and brushed them, had their bodies checked out, hooves cleaned cut and taken care of and even more than I probably noticed.

I have come to know now,  to some extent, the value of a race horse. Someone might pay close to a million dollars to stud a winning race horse. Today horses have their own swimming pools, veterinarians, coaches, trainers, care takers, and riders. Knowing the great care given to some of these valuable animals, gives me pause to reflect on our own value and power.

I discovered my old  journals from 5 and 10 years ago and as I read them I began to see a pattern, just as I did when I worked step 4 (inventory) in the recovery program. Some of the feelings would swell up inside as I read the old words and I realized I still have many of those negative thoughts holding me back today.

What I challenge you to do today is what I am doing. Stop searching for that “fixing mechanism” outside of yourself. I have been to workshops, trainings, counseling, read books,and I even have an incredible mentor – however the real CHANGE that takes place is INSIDE.

It is your inner self, your desires, visions, and purpose for your own life…

You know your own desires and your destiny .

Your Heavenly Father ( Source, the Universe) can help you bring to mind that purpose. It is inside you along with everything  you need to achieve that purpose.

So it is time to remember- to allow that to emerge so that you can really see it clear. Stop looking outside yourself …

Look inward…

On a deeper level what does your inner self say to you?


I would like you to think of a Race Horse…

With his Jockey…

Your rational mind is thinking like a Jockey- light weight

But your subconscious is like a race horse – powerful and massive…

Like the Jockey you can train and practice handling that beast, so that you can manipulate her to run the track just the way you want…

The beast-your subconscious has had many thoughts poured into it for years and years; Thoughts of inadequacy and limitations…

Your rational brain has to become a Pro Jockey.

The most powerful way is through your thoughts and words.

Change your language and thoughts every second of your day. Do not settle. Know there is a race- a battle going on every second.

The opposition wants your destiny dead!

Heavenly Father only wants prosperity for you. He believes in you and knows your potential and great worth…

I believe in you too…

You can ask your Source. Ask your Master Mentor, the Master Jockey trainer, to help you see yourself as He sees you. Ask Him to let you see your destiny, to uncover your purpose and to allow your vision of your true self to become clear, so that nothing will stop you from winning this great race…

Everyday the battle is waged…

Be the Best Jockey


You can make new choices…

You can live more fully…

You can make a greater difference…

The choice, as it has always been, is up to you…


Live your destiny!

Serve You- Love You- Lift You



 The Jockey riding the subconscious Race Horse

Living Life Too Good and Too True


Too Good To Be True

I have been thinking about this phrase a lot.

Recently, a woman came to me and asked me to check out a piece

of mail she received, thinking she may have won close to a million dollars.

As I skimmed over the letter I saw where they wanted her to send money so that she

would be able to claim her winnings.

As I read further there in smaller print it said ‘you may win’.

Reading further still, there were plenty of words that could

easily be misinterprited so the reader would think they were a winner.

When I showed her the small fine print she sighed and said,

“I knew it was too good to be true.”

Why is this so?

As I entered the world of online marketing I discovered many scams,

fake websites and plenty false advertisements promising millions with

no effort on your part.

Some so called experts have cheated people out of their hard earned money.

What they give them in exchange they could have had for free.

Do people really know when it is too good to be true?

My mom would say it all the time, “Remember,

when it seems too good to be true it probably is.”

Common sense shouts to me -“Hey everything worth while takes effort!”

So I am not easily deceived…

In my inquiry on this phrase,

let me tell you what I found…

There are some things that are truly too good- not to be true!

Do you believe me?

I have met couples whose relationships were healthy,

happy and growing in romance even after many years.

I want a relationship that is too good to be true.


I know families who are close and honest with each other,

sharing time, vacations and lives with each other.

I want my family to be too good to be true.

Now I am working with a company that pays 100% commissions.

I have support 24/7; I have met and talked with the owners who

are authentic and genius. I have a Mentor who truly believes in me and

will answer any question I have as I work on monetizing my passions.

I get to help others become empowered to live their dreams and

watch as lives change before my eyes. I have a business that is too good to be true.

I have also watched lives transformed before my eyes as they

gain freedom from addiction. People who have decided to align themselves

with their Source. They are daily making the choice to connect

with the Creator. The peace and joy found through relationships

and working the program are incredible.


This is truly too good and too true.

I choose to live a life that to others may be too good to be true.

But as you are educated on what it takes there is a side that

may not seem too good. It is that side that takes muscle…

It takes a “No Excuses” stand every day. There can be no slacking

when you are your own boss. There is a lot to learn because as

you work you are getting to know your true self as well.

There are bumps along the way.

persevere 300x300 Living Life Too Good and Too True









There is also fantastic rewards when you are your own boss.

My faith has grown like never before.

Relationships are improving because there is less stress.

I do not have an alarm clock to wake me up.

I can go to bed without thinking about getting through

traffic to work the next day… I get to connect with like

minded people who have huge visions of world peace,

freedom for all and progressive consciousness…

Is what I do easy. No way! I have to DO IT SCARED

at the same time recognizing the fear isn’t real.

I choose to be uncomfortable on a daily basis pushing myself to

produce and market better. I have had to learn a lot more than

I did while going to college.

The great thing is I get to apply and earn as I learn.


Is there something holding you back?

Are you saying to yourself that living the life

you dream of is too good to be true?

When I took the leap of faith to pursue a home business,

it felt like jumping off a cliff. I found my wings.

There is one thing that helped…

It is something you can do right now.

Take out a piece of paper. On the left side, write all the things

holding you back;  Job, lack of skills, fear of failure,

fear of success, poor self esteem, or whatever it is.

Now, on the right hand side of that paper, write the solutions.

If it is negative influences and people who do not support you

then get away from them. You can always make new friends.

Is it lack of money- then create more money, learn the skills,

and generate the income.

Be who you want to be.


The desire is there because it is who you were meant to be.

Even if you are not sure how, move forward any way.

do and attain copy 300x225 Living Life Too Good and Too True







You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going!


How can I help you?

Get started with me and receive my PMV (Purpose, Mission, & Vision) workbook free. Then we will have a one on one strategy session to get you taking the first step in the perfect direction for you!

Serve You- Love You- Lift You



PS 2 of my favorite books that have helped me to push past any fear are:

Brendon Burchard’s   “The CHARGE” Activating the 10 human drives…the charge Living Life Too Good and Too True







and Jon Accuff”s  ”START” Punch fear in the face…

start Living Life Too Good and Too True



 Living Life Too Good and Too True

Stay Committed To Operating in Your 100

Are you operating in Your 100?

revolution blog 300x199 Stay Committed To Operating in Your 100

I have had an epiphany this week and guess what?

I have been operating at less than 5% of my potential…

That is not acceptable….

I can hear you asking…

Lorisue, HOW is that possible??

 Well here’s how…

Fear takes up a percentage…

Doubt takes up a percentage…

Thinking in my past takes up a percentage…

Burn out takes a percentage….

Lack of belief takes up a percentage…

Distractions take up a percentage….

Procrastination takes up a percentage…

Being pulled by too many ideas take up a percentage….

Not filling up my emotional tank for renewed strength takes up a percentage…

Not turning things off takes up a percentage…

Resistance takes up a percentage….

Worrying about what others do think or say takes up a percentage….


When it comes down to it… not even 5% remains in me.


Enough is enough- though…

I want to truly operate at Your 100 %…

Today I’m making a declaration to TAKE MY LIFE BACK!!

 Stay Committed To Operating in Your 100

Do you feel that?

can you relate???


If so, declare this with me…… and say it out loud:

“From this day forward, I’m committed to living out my 100!

I’m committed to live out my total being…

I’m committed to living out and operating in my strengths…

I’m committed to being ALL that I was born to be…”

And it is in my total being, that I’m called to help others reach their total being…

My vision includes you!

My vision is intertwined with your purpose!

My Mission is to push you to discover and live out your 100!

My purpose supersedes the limits of impossible…

My commitment will make the impossible possible!

Are you with me?

Are you ready to live out your 100?


Share with me on my facebook page here, what % you feel you’ve been operating in, when it comes to your strengths and the % of power that you’ve been operating in!


Ready To Push You Towards Your 100,




P.S. Stay tuned for  information regarding a special training I’ll be doing this week about “how to get “unstuck” and shift into your greatest self!”

Hey Friends! I am updating this blog with a link to the

training I promised you!

To Your Success….


 Stay Committed To Operating in Your 100

Tips to Stop Over-eating

Over-eating is deadly

Over-eating is harmful in more ways than one- but it can be stopped!

As a kid, I heard my mom and dad say there were starving kids in China and that is why I needed to eat everything on my plate. I remember thinking to myself that if those Chinese kids are so hungry why don’t we just send them what we don’t eat?

I realize now that those words “Clean your plate. Eat it all.” said over and over really stuck in my head. As I reached an all time high weight gain, at 5’4”, of 192 pounds, I knew something had to change. I started practicing leaving bites of food on my plate. Then I would leave a little more. It got easier each time I ate. At weddings, parties or food events I would choose a smaller plate…

nutrient poor 150x150 Tips to Stop Over eating

Today, foods that most are eating, have less or no nutritional value. If over eaten, these foods cause fast weight gain. So do not finish everything on your plate, in that bag, or microwave container…


A good clue to stop the Over-eating is to use your hand as a measure…

fist 150x150 Tips to Stop Over eating A piece of meat does not need to be bigger than your palm. Keep rice, potatoes and sides to no more than your fist, total. If there is more you want eat it in a couple hours for a snack or save it for your next meal…


If you want to feel fantastic add as much raw foods to your diet as possible. You can eat as many vegetables as you want without ever measuring, especially the green ones. They are loaded with anti aging and detoxifying nutrients…


Over-eating Clues

Another clue to remember is to learn the feeling of “satisfaction” verses “full”. It takes time for the stomach to signal the brain that you are full. But you can be aware and feel when you are satisfied. If you aren’t sure, then relax, visit for about 15 minutes,  take a walk, or do something else for that time. If you still feel hungry eat a little more but no more than your fist… also: You can always eat vegetables…


There are other things to consider when dropping the whole Over-eating thing, however, I will save that for another blog.

“Food is fuel for the body.”

rachel mclish Tips to Stop Over eating This is a motto I adopted from Rachel Mclish – first female body building champion…

Rachel has inspired me from day 1

and even now…

You can make these simple changes a tiny step at a time-


You deserve to live your best fit life ever…


Serve You-Love You-Lift You

 Tips to Stop Over eating

Eating a Champion’s Breakfast

Breakfast of Champions Benefits


I know you have heard it- Kids eat your breakfast. That was the motto for PopTarts if I remember right. Maybe it was Trix…andyway….


There is enough research and clear evidence published to show the importance of eating breakfast. This is a good idea if you are wanting to shed some pounds or you want to live a healthier lifestyle.
Here are a few reasons why breakfast is for champions…

breakfast Eating a Champions Breakfast


When you eat within an hour of rising each day you let your body know there is food coming. While you sleep – your metabolism slows. It will stay at that slow pace if you don’t feed it until lunch time. It has kicked into survival mode  which can be switched to high gear by having a meal.


The average person eats most their calories at dinner which would make sense if you are staying up to utilize that energy. When you eat a big breakfast your brain will thank you because it will have the nutrients necessary to solve the issues at work, finish that project or study and listen in class.

lite dinner Eating a Champions Breakfast

If you don’t believe the studies or my words just try it for yourself. East a healthy big breakfast for a week and see how many benefits you notice through out the day. When you make breakfast and lunch the larger calorie meals you will also sleep better having lightened the load in the evening…

If it is a new thing for you to eat breakfast, start light. You will need to be aware of how you feel when you eat what you eat in the morning. Some people will do better having fruit or dairy while others have to have protein. It is a good idea to have a balanced breakfast. Whatever you eat make sure to sit down and enjoy your meal…

I hope these tips have helped you to get excited about having a meal for a champion each morning.


 Eating a Champions Breakfast

Your Personal Best

5 Common Denominators of Success

Olympic Rings1 Your Personal Best

What personal best are you going after today?

I love the Olympics. Thanks to the You Tube channel, there are already videos up for the Sochi 2014 Games starting this Thursday February 6th…

As I watch the world’s top athletes compete for the Gold, Silver, and Bronze- I am so amazed by their stories of perseverance and dedication to their sport…

Their stories are not far off from our

stories as entrepreneurs…

There are 5 common denominators for Success that these athletes utilize and those same 5 apply to each of us as we work from home and desire great success for our own business as well as for those we work with…

#1. Keep Your Goals Close to Your Heart

I cannot picture all of us jumping out of bed shouting, “Hurray I get to write a blog today , market online, check and prioritize, and do my income producing activities”…

Since we have our goals close to our hearts we shout instead..

“Hooray I get to retire my husband, build a financial future, put my children through college effortlessly, spend more time with my family”…

Olympic athletes visualize their event and see themselves winning the gold. They say seeing & believing in the mind is 90% of the effort…


#2. Personal Development

Mindset matters in any area of life. Reading good books, keeping up on our journaling, and doing all things for our own personal growth is not optional if we want to succeed…

All that we have learned in life so far, has gotten us where we are right now at this moment.

“We are a product of out best thinking.”

Our personal best  may be 30k , 50k or even 150k a year. If we’re going to take ourselves to another level we have to change what has been programed in our brains. We have to work on our  thoughts, mind and attitudes…

Athletes in the Olympics understand the importance of personal development. One of the tools, gold medalist swimmer Michael Phelps uses is called the Brain Train…


#3. Income Producing Activities

The online marketing world is not rocket science. Thank heaven we aren’t up with the dawn to run twenty miles in the snow. There are still things that we must do first. “Eat the Frog.” as Brian Tracy would say. In my business I have basically three Income producing activities. They are to generate leads, market to my leads, and support my team…

I have to say I enjoy the generating leads because it means I get to create and share with others value. I love to see others having success in any area of their lives and if I play a little part in that I am a winner…

We don’t have competitions in our sport to show up to or strict regimens of wake up, swim, eat, swim, eat, work out, and sleep daily but we still have to show up…


#4. Stay in The Environment

No matter what you are doing, becoming, or seeking, to have success you need to get with those succeeding at what you want to do well. Surround yourself with the greats, employ a mentor, and show up to all the trainings and activities you can so that you are positioned to have the greatest progression…

When I can get together with the amazing leaders on my team and in the industry I feel myself being lifted both mentally and emotionally to new levels. There are daily calls with my team and weekly calls with the company that unite us as a community and create new and better ideas for each of our prosperity.

The number one way to really take a step up; a way to surround yourself with greatness and have some major break throughs is to attend the live events. These are motivational, inspirational, educational and spiritual at the same time.(and of course, social) When you are in the environment where people you are surrounded with dream big  - You can’t help but expand your dreams…


#5. Cultivating the expectation for leadership

In other words, you expect your team to follow you as you follow your mentor and other leaders. You believe in your goals and achieving your dreams and you expect to help those following you to have reality come of their dreams as well. In this community of Empower Network we really are all in this together…

michaelphelps Your Personal Best

So there they are. The 5 common denominators for success as an athlete, as a professional, as a fitness freedom seeker or you name it…

May you score a personal best

today and every day.



Serve You- Love You- Lift You


1. Keep your goals close to your heart

2. Practice personal development

3. Do the Income Producing Activities daily

4. Stay in the environment

5. Cultivate the expectation for leadership

 Your Personal Best